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You Don’t Need Eye Care Experience To Own Your Own Pearle Vision

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Don’t let lack of experience in the eye care industry stop you from seeing success. We take pride in the fact that we can help seasoned optometrists and new investors alike find success with our proven business model and extensive training program. If you’re thinking about buying an optical franchise but don’t have experience in eye care, Pearle Vision could be a perfect fit for you.

For new owners, the first thing we do is take them through an onboarding program that will show them the ins and outs of the company and help set them up for success. The onboarding program teaches franchise owners how to run their business, lead their team, manage their product, operate their store, and create a better patient experience. By going in depth on the basics, we lay a foundation for future success right from the start.

We also offer customized training and ongoing support, so you can stay sharp and continue to offer the best service possible. We also have a new innovative training platform called Leonardo that focuses on the needs and interests of the individual learner. Accessible any time from any device, Leonardo aims to bring together experts to share their ideas and knowledge to help make our business stronger. Through online courses that vary from Foundations to Advanced to Professional, Leonardo is helping us support your personal and professional growth like never before.

And all of this attention to training is paying off for our new Pearle Vision owners, like Joel Jennings. It’s helped him go from a career in corporate finance and accounting to becoming a Pearle Vision licensed owner with ease.

“I liked the franchise business model, knowing there already would be a blueprint designed for success and I would not need to start from scratch,” Joel says. “The program walks you through the process of operating your store, leading your team, understanding and working with patients and everything before, after and in between.”

So, whether you’re a newcomer to the eye care industry or an experienced optometrist, our seasoned eye care experts will be in your corner the whole way offering comprehensive franchise training and ongoing support to help prepare you for success in the optical franchise world.


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