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Pearle Vision Salutes the Veterans Now Serving as Licensed Owners

Dr. Jeffrey Butcher knew he wanted to be an optometrist from the time he was 11 years old following an eye exam in his hometown of Norman, Oklahoma. “I loved that I could see so much better afterward, and the optometrist just seemed to really like his job,” Butcher says. “After high school, I joined […]

Franchising & Frames

Eyewear has come a long way in terms of technology, style and perception. Glasses are no longer viewed only as tools to correct vision; they are also seen as fashion accessories. This cultural shift in perception is helping to support the thriving optical retail industry. Glasses have moved from medical necessity to fashion statement. Everyone […] Read More

Busy Mom Says Being a Pearle Vision Licensed Owner Brings Balance

Dr. Sarah Krietlow is managing quite the balancing act. As the licensed owner of Pearle Vision in Chaska, Minnesota, an optometrist who sees patients four days per week, mother of two teenagers and wife to her husband of just 2 1/2 years, she deeply appreciates the flexibility that comes with being a franchise owner. “I […] Read More

Area Development Agreements Provide a Fast Track to Pearle Vision Multi-Unit Ownership

Pearle Vision multi-unit owners all launch their careers with the brand in different ways, but for many of them, the first step is signing an area development agreement. An area development agreement grants franchisees exclusive territory rights in exchange for signing a contract to open a certain number of units in a particular market within […] Read More

Female licensed owners find community and opportunity with Pearle Vision

Pearle Vision takes pride in the diversity found among its licensed owners. Female owners tout both the sense of community and the professional opportunities they found when they joined Pearle Vision. Female franchise owners come to Pearle Vision from a variety of backgrounds. Some are entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in a franchise where […] Read More


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