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Why invest in a Pearle Vision franchise?

Pearle Vision Programs & Processes Designed for Success

Pearle Vision®’s systems and processes are designed to help licensed owners maintain strong margins and increase sales volume.

Our franchise owners benefit from:

The Pearle Vision philosophy is eye care first, glasses second. Pearle Vision is centered around the neighborhood doctor who cares for patients as only a neighbor could, offering full-service eye care, from exams and treatments to eyewear and contact lenses for all ages. At Pearle Vision, every appointment is about much more than seeing clearly. It’s also about earning the patient’s trust with a team of experts who are serious about caring for eyes, whether in the exam room or on the retail floor.

With a five-decade-plus commitment to providing genuine eye care, Pearle Vision is a premium brand that continues to build patient loyalty, and its proven operating system is built for scale.

Licensed owners benefit from:

Consumer Marketing Program

Pearle Vision has built an iconic brand for five decades, and we continue to invest in the brand through an annual $35 million consumer marketing program throughout North America that includes television advertising, local events planning, strategic use of social media, a comprehensive local marketing toolkit, and a dedicated field marketing team to help you build strategic relationships.

Supply Chain

Pearle Vision has 548 EyeCare Centers, providing tremendous buying power that helps us secure deep discounts from vendors. Those discounts allow Pearle Vision licensed owners to maintain strong margins on frames, lenses and contact lenses, and lab equipment.

Pearle Vision’s frame supply chain is tailored and responsive to each store’s particular needs. Our systems spot buying patterns at your stores, and integrate the market intelligence of Luxottica’s global reach of more than 9200 optical retail stores. Our inventory management system is designed to keep top sellers stocked and adjust inventory to boost turn rate in your EyeCare Center, allowing you to sell more frames and boost income. This automated supply chain allows you and your team to stay focused on patients rather than paperwork and may make it easier for you to grow your business.


Our back-end systems may translate into more time for your patients. Managing your own practice can become much less time-consuming with Pearle Vision’s processes and business operations support.

Some of these include:

  • Turnkey Customer and Patient Relationship Management System (CRM) to support patient and customer retention, while driving incremental sales and exam volume.
  • Training and support for all new licensed owners with classroom, online and in-store education that will prepare them to run their business with a focus on delivering genuine eye care.
  • A dedicated team of consultants to coach and counsel as you grow your business.
  • Full-service real estate support to facilitate site selection, market development, store design, construction and turnkey project management.

Additionally, we offer insurance and billing support for claims processing, billing and payment services. Our goal is to simplify the process of managing the business and free you and your staff to spend more time serving patients.

Training and Network

We provide dedicated business consultants to coach and counsel as you grow your business.

Owning and running a business doesn’t have to be a lonely pursuit. Pearle Vision licensed owners have a strong network of peers eager to share ideas and best practices. Pearle Vision licensed owners also can see how their EyeCare Centers are performing compared to peers, which helps you gauge performance and spot opportunities to boost performance.

Optometrist Lifestyle

If you are an optometrist, you can establish doctor exam hours, and you control your lifestyle. Your practice is independent from the retail operation, and you will never pay royalties to Pearle Vision on the revenue you generate providing exams and eye care to patients. Pearle Vision’s Ignite program is designed to allow optometry practice owners to remain independent as licensed owners while strengthening their businesses.

Pearle Vision provides business systems, buying power and support to build a scalable optical business quickly and efficiently. We help you grow and cultivate your patient list for the long term. You are not burdened with learning how to do this on your own. You have the support of an eye care leader to help you manage your business, so you can spend more time caring for your patients. This is why Pearle Vision’s franchise system continues to grow and thrive.