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Starting an Optical Business? The Big Benefits of an Optical Franchise.

female optometrist during an eye exam

Whether you’ve just finished school, or you’re an experienced industry veteran, we believe there are many benefits to starting your own eye care practice. Unfortunately, there are plenty of risks involved as well. Luckily, Pearle Vision offers the freedom of stepping out on your own with the tools to help make your endeavor a little easier. 

Learning to run any business can be a daunting task, but running an optical business can have its own unique set of challenges. While college courses and books can be a great place to start, we offer support to all new licensed owners with classroom, online and in-store education that will properly prepare them to run an optical business dedicated to delivering genuine eye care.

We’ve all heard that the three m­­ost import­ant decisions you’ll make are location, location, location — and we agree. That’s why we offer full-service real estate support to help facilitate site selection, market development, store design and construction. 

Running a successful business takes more than just a team of eye care professionals. Our Turnkey Customer and Patient Relationship Management System (CRM) is designed to keep customers coming back, while driving incremental sales and exam volume.

From our inventory management system that keeps top sellers stocked, to our $35 million consumer marketing campaigns, you’ll have access to the tools that you need, because Pearle Vision’s goal is to simplify the process of managing the business and free you and your staff to spend more time serving patients.

Heading out on your own might not be for everyone, but with the help of Pearle Vision, it might be right for you. Learn more about owning your own franchise here.



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