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How Pearle Vision®’s Vendors Can Help You Run a More Efficient Eye Care Business

Eye care business owners can spend less time managing HR and more time working on growth

Even for experienced entrepreneurs, it takes a lot of work to keep your businesses compliant with employment laws and regulations. For a first-time business owner, it can feel impossible to even know where to begin. Thanks to our vendor partner Littler, a global employment and labor law practice, our Licensed Owners now have a new resource to take much of the guesswork out of managing their eye care business.

An optometrist points at an image of an eye on a tablet while facing his patient, who is to the right of the frame and slightly out of focus.

Time-saving resources help our Licensed Owners spend more time on patient care, working with employees and growing their eye care business.

Information resources eye care business owners need

With the Franchise Labor and Employment Resource, our Licensed Owners have access to a searchable web portal with a vast amount of resources and information.

“The system provides a broad spectrum of employment tools, including onboarding documents and sample employment policies on important topics for your employees,” says Gail Wolfe, Senior Director of Human Resources. “Additionally, the site offers templates and documents that you can customize to your particular location to meet federal and state regulations.”

One key tool breaks down employment laws across jurisdiction, which can be especially helpful for owners with multiple eye care franchises in different cities, counties or states. It can help owners understand how to keep compliant and know how to run their business the right way.

It’s not just about compliance, either; implementing best practices and being able to quickly resolve issues can help you better manage your staff, which can help lead to higher employee satisfaction and retention.

A doctor points at a brochure while speaking with an employee to the left and a patient to the right.

These resources help you spend more time working with employees, increasing their satisfaction and productivity while helping reduce turnover.

How it helps eye care business owners

It can be hard for franchise owners in any industry to know where to turn when they have employment policy questions, so Littler and Pearle Vision wanted Licensed Owners to have more consistent, trustworthy information, all contained in one place.

“Now Licensed Owners have a resource to go directly to for answers to their questions,” says Wolfe. “At their fingertips, they have answers that have been vetted through the largest global employment and labor law firm.”

With over 1,300 attorneys in over 75 offices worldwide, Littler is continually recognized for its excellence in the employment and labor field, as well as a leader in diversity and inclusion. The firm has consistently been ranked by BTI as a litigation powerhouse and was recently named the leading labor and employment law firm by Vault.

The web portal can assist in creating and retaining documentation, helping ensure compliance and granting more peace of mind for you and your employees. It’s one of many solutions Pearle Vision offers that is designed to help you run a more efficient business, like our inventory management system. With less time required to manage the business, it can often become easier for investors to scale to more locations.

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