Pearle Vision growth - Systems and support helps owners scale up
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Pearle Vision’s business model is scalable

Pearle Vision growth is driven by systems and support that help Licensed Owners manage multiple centers.

Pearle Vision’s business systems are designed to simplify the management of a retail optical store. The benefits are twofold. First, by reducing the amount of time needed for backend operations, we free up Licensed Owners to grow their business by devoting their energy to marketing and providing world-class service to patients. Second, since operations are streamlined, it is much easier for Licensed Owners to manage multiple locations — growing a strong income stream from multiple Neighborhood EyeCare Centers.

Stella Zilber, who was named Developer of the Year at Pearle Vision’s 2016 Franchise Summit along with business partner Alex Trepetin, uses Pearle Vision’s business management tools to help her run stores in both Texas and Missouri while living in California. She started as an optician at Pearle Vision in 1984, and purchased a Dallas center at the age of 20. Now she owns six EyeCare Centers, provides customer service training to her teams, and manages the businesses by the numbers with the help of her brother and a regional manager.

Ketan Sheladia is taking advantage of the systemization of the business to maximize his earning potential on both the exam side of the business and the retail side. As an optometrist, he loves owning four EyeCare Centers in Chicago because the patients in his neighborhood centers help keep his exam schedule full. Meanwhile, integrated tools for tracking sales and reordering popular inventory make the retail side of the business simple to oversee. As a doctor, he loves being able to provide care to more patients. As a businessman, he appreciates the ability to serve patients further by providing stylish eyewear.

“The biggest thing is a supply chain,” he says. “Before, I had to order my materials from a ton of vendors. That creates a lot of workload for staff. Now, Pearle will find us the best pricing so we can focus on running the business. They use their power and leverage it for us. Having the supply chain is phenomenal. It frees up time for us to do things that will really build the business.”

Bill Noble and his team of investors at West Point Optical are redefining what’s possible in terms of scaling up a Pearle Vision operation. West Point Optical already manages more than 50 EyeCare Centers, and is continuing to invest.

A smiling doctor hands a brochure to a smiling associate while a smiling customer stands next to them. In the background a sign is visible that reads "The Doctor Is In."

“Pearle is providing a service that I think is adding good to the communities in which we operate and serve,” the longtime retail executive says. “We could sell anything. I mean I love retail. The fact that we’re providing the gift of sight, if you will, to our patients and customers is wonderful. There’s a greater good to what we’re doing. It’s also a phenomenal business opportunity, so when you combine the two of those, it’s a great business to be in.”