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Pearle Vision®’s Genuine Eye Care Strives to Create Long-Lasting Patient Relationships

The high standards at our vision care franchise are designed to keep patients at their local Pearle Vision Licensed Operators for years

At Pearle Vision, our business philosophy centers around the importance of providing genuine eye care to patients. Licensed Operators and their teams are encouraged to earn business by providing patients with excellent service beyond what they expect from a franchise. Name recognition may bring patients through your doors, but it’s the reputation for genuine eye care that we believe really makes our vision care franchise a worthy investment.

A mother and son with glasses smile in a vision care franchise exam room with an optometrist.

High-quality vision care is designed to lead patients to bring in the whole family and create repeat business through long-lasting relationships.

Patients, not just customers

We attribute a major part of Pearle Vision’s success over the decades to our approach to patient care. We don’t treat patients like they’re just customers in a store.

We know that it pays to take care of the patients the way they expect. Our thorough, careful exams are meant to help give patients greater confidence and satisfaction with their experience and with the doctors who treat them.

Word-of-mouth meets national brand awareness

When a patient has a great experience, they’re more likely to recommend your location to friends and family. We have worked to develop excellent brand awareness through our national Pearle Vision marketing campaigns, and positive word-of-mouth helps reinforce it with sincere and personal endorsements. We believe that creates a powerful marketing combination that can bring more business through your doors.

That brand awareness can make it easier to get started, as well. You don’t necessarily have to build up your marketing from scratch; you have name recognition right from day one, and we have marketing tools available to help you let your local community know that your EyeCare Center is open for business.

Long-term patient relationships can mean more business

Of course, a Pearle Vision location’s success comes from bringing patients in not just once, but again and again. Those positive experiences bring in new business, but more importantly, they can help build long-term patient relationships.

When a patient finds an eye care provider they trust, they are likely to stay loyal and have them take care of the whole family. That’s repeat business that can add up to make Pearle Vision an excellent investment. Our marketing support is designed to help bring patients to you, and the great service they receive from you and your team can keep them coming back.

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