Pearle Vision Marketing - How We Attract Patients
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How Pearle Vision attracts patients

Iconic brand is backed by a strong marketing campaign and systems to boost sales

An optical retail sales associate sits at a table with a customer while showing her different pairs of glasses.Pearle Vision is a valuable brand name that has earned consumer trust and confidence for more than five decades. Our ability to bring new patients to your practice as well as to help you retain and maximize the lifetime value of your existing patients is unique and gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Bill Noble, a former LensCrafters executive who now leads a team of investors with more than 50 Pearle Vision EyeCare Centers, says, “first and foremost, just the Pearle brand name is incredibly valuable. We couldn’t go out and recreate that. There’s no amount of money that we could spend that would give the brand value that Pearle Vision has in the marketplace. Above and beyond that, there are systems that they have put in place that we don’t have to go out and replicate.”

Pearle Vision marketing plan attracts patients to your practice

Pearle Vision marketing programs include an annual investment of over $35 million that is designed to attract insured and non-insured patients to your practice. These programs include TV advertising, field marketing support with market-specific solutions, a Local Marketing Tool Kit with easy to follow templates and guides, geo-targeted online patient scheduling and customer acquisition, ZIP-code targeted direct mail and newspaper programs and a strategic social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Insurance agreements provide access to wide pool of patients

An optometrist, mother and child, all wearing glasses, hold a discussion in an exam room.
Pearle Vision’s brand represents high-quality clinical care for our patients

We provide access to major vision care insurance programs, as well as support for billing, claim processing and payment services to simplify the process of serving insured patients. We also offer payment solutions for out-of-network patients.

“Pearle gives us access to things that we would never have had,” says Licensed Owner Ketan Sheladia, who co-owns four EyeCare Centers in Chicago. “Insurance panels, vendor discounts, items that as an independent we would never have had access to. Pearle Vision really helps with our profitability. That’s the bottom line. They allow us to practice as optometrists while also running the business. It is hard to do both things at once and they really help us succeed at doing that.”

Systems and support help you take advantage of demand

Pearle Vision’s systems are designed to simplify the marketing, merchandising and inventory management of the retail side of your optical business. Ultimately, this helps you devote your time to serving patients — but it also makes it easier to manage multiple EyeCare Centers, as several of our Licensed Owners have done to increase their earning potential.