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How Pearle Vision Advertising Brings Patients Through Your Doors

The national scale of Pearle Vision advertising attracts patients to your business and helps them learn about their health

Marketing is an important part of running any business, even a medical practice, but it can be intimidating. Thankfully, with the strength of Pearle Vision advertising and our brand recognition, we make it as easy as possible for patients to find you, schedule an exam and pick out the perfect new pair of glasses.

Pearle Vision associate welcomes patient

Our national advertising and local targeting tools bring patients to you.

National name recognition and a sterling reputation

We’ve built our brand into an iconic name since our founding in 1961. We continue to invest in building up that name and reputation with a $35 million Pearle Vision marketing program that includes television ads, social media and toolkits for local advertising programs. When you open a Pearle Vision, you join a system with national name recognition and a sterling reputation.

These resources take pressure off you. Instead of having to develop your own marketing and advertising from scratch, we provide ready-made materials and locally customizable templates to make things easier on you and allow you to spend more time where it counts: caring for your patients.

Education, not just advertising

We’re not just a retail store; we’re also health providers. So, a key part of the Pearle Vision advertising strategy involves educating our patients about issues concerning eye health for themselves and their families. We don’t just sell things to our patients; we take care of them, and knowledge is crucial to every aspect of staying healthy.

Pearle Vision employee education parent and child patients

Educating our patients about their health helps them take better care of themselves and their families.

For example, we were featured on the NBC show New York Live to educate parents about the importance of a full eye exam during back-to-school preparations, while providing an excellent marketing piece for our New York-area Pearle Vision locations.

National scale helps on the local level

The national scale is great for brand recognition, but we also have tools to make it easier to connect with patients in your own community. Our website has online scheduling with location look-ups, which is just one way the national brand benefits you on the local level.

Other local programs include field marketing support with market-specific solutions, a Local Marketing Tool Kit with easy-to-follow templates and guides, ZIP-code targeted direct mail and newspaper programs and a strategic social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. We can even help customize all of these to meet your needs and help you succeed.

Learn about Pearle Vision business opportunities

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