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How ‘Small Moments’ Can Add Up to Something Big for Licensed Owners

Our award-winning marketing campaign was inspired by powerful work Licensed Owners and their teams can perform every day in their optical store franchises

Pearle Vision has put a major emphasis on reconnecting with our optical store franchise’s roots in striving for high-quality, genuine eye care. A major part of that has been our “Small Moments” advertising campaign, which has helped emphasize to patients the kind of genuine eye care they can expect at their Neighborhood EyeCare Centers. But “Small Moments” is more than just a commercial. It’s a philosophy for how every aspect of our operations comes together, for both patients and Licensed Owners.

By aiming for high-quality eye care, Licensed Owners and their teams provide small moments that make a big impact on the lives of their patients and customers. Vision care can help a child perform better in school or help an older adult maintain a more independent lifestyle. One of the most rewarding things about the optical business opportunity is the ability to help make lives better by helping people see more clearly.

“It’s Dr. Stanley Pearle’s vision. That’s what we’re all doing here,” says Doug Zarkin, Vice President, Head of Marketing. “Our brand is about people caring for people, and we strive to showcase that care in everything we do, from the exam room to the retail floor.”

‘Small Moments’ can help build long-term patient relationships

Each of those small moments is important because they can all add up to bigger things. We’re a network of Neighborhood EyeCare Centers, owned and operated by Licensed Owners and their teams. That matters to patients, because in our business, trust is key. Many of our Licensed Owners are able to foster long-term relationships with their clients and patients because of the trust that builds over years and sometimes generations of care.

Everything we do centers around living up to our classic brand promise, “Nobody cares for eyes more than Pearle.” It’s a lot to live up to, so everything we do is done with an eye toward how we can design it to help Licensed Owners and their teams better serve their patients.

An optometrist sits with her back to the camera working with a patient who is looking in a mirror while inserting a contact lens.

Every small moment at a Pearle Vision optical store franchise can lead to big changes in the quality of patients’ lives.

How Pearle Vision can help Licensed Owners

Running any business can be a lot of hard work. Accounting, inventory management and myriad other aspects of managing and growing your business can take you away from those small moments with employees and customers that can make the optical business so fulfilling.

Pearle Vision’s systems are designed to streamline those processes, so you can take more time developing your team, growing your optical store franchise and enjoying those small moments with your patients.

With resources like our online scheduling system, automated calling and our operating model, eyecon™, we strive to make it easier for patients to book exams and for you to follow up with them and foster that ongoing relationship. Our dedicated franchise team is constantly striving to improve those processes and help create a better business opportunity for Licensed Owners.

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