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Pearle Vision’s Consumer Marketing Program

Brand sales are boosted by strong advertising campaigns and systems

Pearle Vision® is a valuable brand name that has earned consumer trust and confidence for more than five decades. As a premium brand founded by a doctor, we are deeply committed to putting the patient first, which differentiates us from optical retail brands that put more emphasis on their promotional and discounted offers. Our ability to attract new patients to your EyeCare Center as well as to help you retain and maximize the lifetime value of your existing patients is unique and can help you remain competitive in the marketplace.

When low-cost competitors enter an industry, you can either compete by engaging in a race to the bottom in terms of prices and service, or you can stake out a premium position within the industry by striving to offer better service, better products, better variety and a better customer experience.

Pearle Vision has established itself as a premium optical brand and markets itself as such, says General Manager Alex Wilkes. “You have the optical retail brands that play up the value segment. They’re screaming ‘promotion.’ That’s clearly not who we want to be. We stand for exceptional quality of care.”

Our $35 million annual consumer marketing budget allows us to promote the national brand with the support of an internationally acclaimed ad agency, which has led to Pearle Vision being nominated for prestigious Effie Awards three years in a row. The Effie is a global symbol of excellence in marketing effectiveness.

“There’s no amount of money that we could spend that would give the brand value that Pearle Vision has in the marketplace,” says Bill Noble, a multi-unit owner of 60 EyeCare Centers.

Additionally, a portion of Pearle Vision’s consumer marketing budget is allocated for local marketing efforts. Licensed owners also may supplement marketing on the local level with brand-approved marketing and ads. Licensed owners are supported at the local level by field marketing managers.

Current campaign

In 2018, we launched the “Small Moments” campaign, which focuses on the genuine relationships that the doctors at or next to Pearle Vision forge with their patients. It underscores the iconic tagline, “Nobody cares for eyes more than Pearle.” In the most recent iteration of the campaign, “Letter to Mom”, we pay homage to the increasing challenges of today’s “Chief Health Officer” amidst a global pandemic. This short story seeks to forge a strong emotional connection with her, ensuring she knows and understands that Pearle Vision is here for her so she can remain focused on caring for those she loves.