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Pearle Vision’s Consumer Marketing Program Is Designed to Help You Attract Patients

If you are wondering how you would market the products and services offered at a new Pearle Vision® location, put your mind at ease.

Pearle Vision’s $35 million annual consumer marketing program is invaluable to licensed owners building their businesses. The sophisticated brand marketing includes newspaper and television advertising, direct mail, newspaper program and a strategic social media presence. The national marketing efforts work in concert with comprehensive local marketing tools to attract patients to their neighborhood EyeCare Centers. This consistent, coordinated marketing effort helps to keep Pearle Vision top of mind when customers think of eye care.

The marketing at Pearle Vision has evolved in recent years as the company established itself as a premium brand that stands by its decades-long commitment to providing genuine eye care.

“When low-cost competitors enter an industry, you can either compete by engaging in a race to the bottom in terms of prices and service, or you can stake out a premium position within the industry by offering better service, better products, better variety and a better customer experience,” says Alex Wilkes, General Manager of Pearle Vision. “We made the decision years ago that instead of offering ‘buy one, get one’ promotions and the like, we would stand by what we do best.”

Last year, with the support of an internationally acclaimed ad agency, Pearle Vision launched its award-winning “Small Moments” campaign. The commercials are really short films that focus on the genuine relationships that the doctors at or next to Pearle Vision forge with their patients, and they underscore the iconic tagline, “Nobody cares for eyes more than Pearle.”

One spot, “Olivia,” tells the story of a busy 9-year-old girl who the audience realizes has a vision problem. Her mother takes her to Pearle Vision, and she learns that she needs glasses. The doctor demonstrates how glasses helped one of her heroines, Billie Jean King, achieve her own dreams. The film reveals that Olivia is inspired by “Women Who Made History,” and she adds King to her inspiration board even as she is empowered to achieve her own dreams.


The “Small Moments” campaign earned Pearle Vision a prestigious Bronze Effie Award this year in the Branded Content category, the company’s third Effie in four years. The Effie is a global symbol of excellence in marketing effectiveness.

Wilkes says the “Olivia” spot reinforces for patients that Pearle Vision is committed to putting eye care first and selling glasses second.

“There are optical retail brands that play up the value segment and scream ‘promotion.’ That’s clearly not who we want to be,” he says. “Instead, our brand cares deeply about taking care of your vision. Pearle Vision was founded by a doctor with the premise, ‘Take care of the patients.’ That’s our positioning. We stand for exceptional quality of care.”


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