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How Pearle Vision® Strives to Stand Out Among Optical Business Opportunities

We think Pearle Vision’s history, reputation and operational systems help our business opportunity stand out compared to the optical franchise competition

With so much optical franchise competition, it can be tough to figure out which business opportunity is right for you. At Pearle Vision, we’re proud of a long history that has given us the operational experience and excellence to help support our Licensed Owners as they focus on providing genuine eye care to their patients.

“When you look at the market, you have the optical retail brands that play to the value segment. They’re screaming promotions. That’s clearly not who we want to be,” says Pearle Vision General Manager Alex Wilkes. “We’re a company that deeply cares about taking care of your vision, a brand founded by a doctor. Our brand positioning is focused on ‘exceptional quality of care.’”

A history of excellence in the optical industry

Pearle Vision is an optical franchise opportunity with demonstrated long-term potential. We have a history reaching back more than five decades in which we’ve built up a strong reputation for providing genuine eye care to patients at our EyeCare Centers. A number of our Licensed Owners have owned their franchises for decades. They showcase our brand’s staying power and ability to adapt with the times to best serve the needs of their patients.

“We provide personalized, professional service under the umbrella of a national brand. We have generations that come to us,” says multi-unit Licensed Owner Paul Hans. “We have seen some patients since the ’80s; we have seen their children and now we are seeing their grandchildren. They have a strong brand loyalty to Pearle Vision.”

A black-and-white photo of a vintage Pearle Vision corner store. The sign in front says “Pearle Vision Center. Glasses Fitted. Contact Lenses.”

Our history and experience help us stand out among the optical franchise competition.

Direct support for optical franchise owners

Of course, our history means more than just having a great reputation; it also means that we have a high degree of experience in the industry, experience serving patients and experience helping Licensed Owners build and grow their businesses. It also means that we’ve been able to build up operational systems that might be harder for a smaller or newer company to provide. Our efficient supply chain and inventory management systems help streamline the day-to-day for Licensed Owners, helping them focus on serving patients and scaling the business.

Having those systems in place is crucial, but they don’t run themselves. That’s where our team comes in. We strive to care for our Licensed Owners just like they care for their patients, and we achieve that through a skilled and knowledgeable corporate team and Licensed Owner network. Our team is dedicated to continuing to innovate and improve on our inventory systems, marketing materials and everything else that we do for our Licensed Owners.

Those efforts have garnered us recognition in the franchising industry. Pearle Vision was the only optical care and eyewear franchise on the 2017 Entrepreneur magazine Franchise 500. Not only that, we ranked #24 overall, validating our commitment to and track record of helping Licensed Owners build successful businesses.

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To learn more about how Pearle Vision strives to stand out among the optical franchise competition, please fill out the form on this page or call us at 1-800-PEARLE-1 to request more information. We’re happy to answer your questions about the brand.

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