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Pearle Vision Is Helping Kids See Their Full Potential.

Pearle Vision understands that access to quality eye care is critical in helping children unlock their true potential. That’s why we’ve worked together with OneSight to launch a new program called ABSee. ABSee provides no-cost access to eye care and corrective eyewear to children in need in neighborhoods across North America where Pearle Vision EyeCare Centers are located. It’s a program that we are very passionate about and think has the potential to make a huge difference where it truly matters.

“Pearle Vision has been a long-time supporter of OneSight, and we are thrilled to bring our relationship to the next level with ABSee,” said Alex Wilkes, General Manager of Pearle Vision. “We know that getting a pair of glasses can be life-changing for a child with a vision problem. With ABSee, we are underscoring our longstanding commitment to caring about the people behind the eyes, ensuring that every child, especially those with financial need, has access to quality eye care and corrective eyewear.”

Wilkes said, “Every day, we see patients in our EyeCare Centers who have vision care needs, and we are there to help them see more clearly. But if we truly are the brand that cares for eyes more than anyone else, we also have an obligation to improve the lives of the community outside our doors, and especially for the most vulnerable members of that community. ABSee provides an excellent opportunity for us to do that.”

Vision problems have been linked to poor learning and behavior in the classroom. One in four school-age children in the U.S. has an undiagnosed vision care problem, according to the American Optometric Association. Because 80 percent of learning is visual for children, it can become a challenge for students to achieve their full potential in school and in life without access to quality eye care.

A new report warns that the number of untreated vision problems is set to rise by 26% by 2060. “The high proportion of visual impairment that can be easily prevented or treated is astonishing.”  said Dr. Rohit Varma, director of the USC Roski Eye Institute at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. And it means that there is an urgent need to increase vision screening and the awareness of the importance of preschool vision exams,” Varma added.

With undiagnosed vision problems on the rise in kids, accessible, high-quality children’s eye care has never been more important. That’s why we will continue to work together with our franchise owners to provide that genuine care to those who need it most.    

Doing our part to make a difference doesn’t go unnoticed. According to a poll commissioned by Cause Partners, a cause marketing consultancy, 85% of consumers would be more likely to buy eyewear from a company if the company was involved in an effort to prevent childhood blindness. So, the more good we do, the better it is for everyone involved. In addition to Pearle Vision’s corporate support for ABSee, patients visiting EyeCare Centers will be invited to support the program as well. Because, together, we can make an even bigger impact.

For more information about ABSee, click here.


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