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Pearle Vision and Billie Jean King Team Up to Launch #RaiseYourGlasses

New campaign encourages everyone to share a photo wearing their first or favorite prescription glasses; For every 10 photos shared, to help even more people see the world clearly and fulfil their potential, Pearle Vision will donate a new pair of prescription glasses to a child in need

Cincinnati, Ohio (October 9, 2018) – In advance of World Sight Day on October 11, 2018, Pearle Vision and Billie Jean King have teamed up to launch #RaiseYourGlasses, a campaign to raise awareness of – and to celebrate – how the right eyewear and eye care can help bring visions and dreams to life. For millions of people, glasses are much more than an accessory – they’re a necessity, a core part of who they are, the thing that helps them see the world and fulfill their potential. But selfie-filled social media feeds don’t reflect the 75% of adults that use some sort of vision correcting and the 1 out of 4 school age children with an undiagnosed vision issue. Pearle Vision and Billie Jean King want to change that.

#RaiseYourGlasses is a celebration of people, their accomplishments and how their prescription eyewear played a role in their lives. To kick off the campaign, Pearle Vision is posting a video call to action from Billie Jean King inviting everyone to share a photo of themselves on social media wearing their favorite prescription glasses (see video on Pearle Vision Instagram page HERE and Facebook page HERE). For every 10 photos shared on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #RaiseYourGlasses between October 9 – December 31, 2018, Pearle Vision will fund a new pair of prescription glasses for a child in need.*

#RaiseYourGlasses: A Celebration of Vision Care

“Without that perfect pair of glasses to help them see 20/20, so many of the people who’ve changed the world wouldn’t have been able to have the impact they had. Imagine if Einstein couldn’t see the page, John Lennon couldn’t read the sheet music or Billie Jean King hadn’t been able to see the ball coming over the net?” says Doug Zarkin, CMO of Pearle Vision. “We want people to take pride in taking care of their eyes by wearing their glasses and celebrating the achievements wearing glasses helped make possible.”

“My glasses not only helped me see the world more clearly, they gave me the confidence to pursue and achieve my dreams,” said Billie Jean King. “I am thrilled to be a part of the #RaiseYourGlasses campaign, and I am most excited to see – and celebrate – all of the photos that will be shared, as I know each will reflect a life touched, and improved, by vision care – just as mine was.”

Sharing is Caring: Every 10 Photos Shared Helps Provide New Glasses for Child in Need

The #RaiseYourGlasses campaign also aims to help raise awareness of the importance of proper eyewear and eye care for children. According to the American Optometric Association:

  • 80% of what kids learn is through their eyes
  • 1 in 4 children have an undiagnosed vision issue
  • 1 in 20 children have a vision issue that could cause permanent damage if left unattended

“The potential negative impact an undiagnosed vision acuity issues can have on a child’s ability to learn is tremendous.” says Dr. Michael Chernich Senior Director of Eye Care for Pearle Vision. “Undetected eye problems can cause some children to exhibit the same symptoms as ADHD and may lead to a misdiagnosis.”

That is why, for every 10 photos shared as part of the #RaiseYourGlasses campaign, Pearle Vision will provide a new pair of prescription glasses for a child in need.*

This national and local effort from Pearle Vision reflects the latest initiative grounded in the brands’ iconic “nobody cares for eyes more than Pearle” consumer promise and stature as the premier neighborhood eye care provider.

*Pearle Vision will provide eyeglasses to one (1) child in need for every ten (10) unique photos posted on Facebook® or Instagram® during the time period 10.9.18 -12.31.18. Additional information on the #RaiseYourGlasses campaign – including terms and conditions – can be viewed here:

About Pearle Vision

Pearle Vision was founded in 1961 by Dr. Stanley Pearle, who began the concept of one-stop, total eye care with the opening of the Pearle Vision Center in Savannah, Ga. Dr. Pearle combined complete eye exams with an extensive selection of eyewear. In 1981, Pearle Vision began offering franchise opportunities to select doctors and opticians. Today, with more than 500 EyeCare Centers located throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, Pearle Vision is built around a doctor-centered business model with a primary focus to deliver genuine eye care to patients and become the neighborhood trusted source for all their eye care and eye wear needs. Pearle Vision is owned by Luxottica, a leader in premium fashion, luxury and sports eyewear. For more information, visit And, to learn more about the Pearle Vision franchise opportunity, visit or call 1-800-PEARLE-1.


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