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Meet a Father and Son Pearle Vision® Operator Duo

For the Butchers, Pearle Vision – and entrepreneurialism – runs in the family

Father and son Licensed Owner duo Dr. Jeff and Dr. Chris Butcher operate several Pearle Vision centers across Oklahoma and Florida, and they’re just getting started – they recently signed an area development deal to add 15 centers in the Tampa area.

Dr. Jeff Butcher has been a Licensed Owner since 1999, and his son, Chris, first joined Pearle Vision in 2011 after he graduated from optometry school.

Pearle Vision Licensed Owner Dr. Chris Butcher

Pearle Vision Licensed Owner Dr. Chris Butcher

Here is a brief discussion with Dr. Chris Butcher about his experience as a Pearle Vision franchise owner.

What do you enjoy most about being a business operator?
Aside from being able to provide resources and care to my community, I like the challenge of having to continually look at your business and figure things out. There’s constantly something new, something you want to try to make better or improve upon, and there’s always some new way to solve that problem.

What kind of support do you receive from the corporate team?
The corporate team is often able to take a lot of components of business ownership that would be difficult for me to do all on my own. Luckily, I can take advantage of Pearle Vision’s supply chain resources, which is a huge stress relief for my team and me. There are a lot of operational, day-to-day things that I have to focus on in running the business. Our corporate support team looks at some of the bigger picture strategy and marketing, which helps allow me to focus on creating a greater patient experience. Basically, they strive to give me the free time to focus more on the things I care most about, which is interacting with customers and really focusing on our experience and how we deliver that.

Why do patients choose Pearle Vision?
People choose to come to Pearle Vision for various reasons, but I think the most important thing is why they choose to come back. I think the reason they choose to stay with Pearle Vision is just due to the overall quality of the experience that they get. Our patients are very aware that this is a much higher level of service and a really nice experience, something that they can’t find anywhere else. And then, of course, other people hear that from people who have been to us, then they want to come in and experience those things as well.

What made you decide that now was the time to expand with Pearle Vision?
The primary reason was that, for me, the overall Pearle Vision setup was becoming more advantageous for growth. So with their programs for strategic growth in place, it really allowed us to open up the door to explore some opportunities for growing in one specific market. Since we really want to own our experience, we want to be able to have the majority of our locations in a particular area.

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