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How Can Pearle Vision’s Ignite Program Meet Your Business Goals?

Helping people see better has always been your goal.

By correcting vision for families in your community, you’re able to fit children with their first glasses and help grandparents transition to bifocals. However, the business and retail side of operating an independent optometry practice consumes a lot of the time that owners would rather spend with patients. Pearle Vision®’s Ignite program for new licensed owners was designed with you in mind.

Pearle Vision was founded to bring doctors and opticians together to deliver convenient, complete eye care to patients. We began franchising in 1981, but we remain committed to supporting positive eye care experiences at all Pearle Vision EyeCare Centers. The Ignite program was developed to help empower independent practice owners to practice the work they love, in their own communities, while fulfilling their entrepreneurial goals.

With the increase in acquisitions of independent optical practices by large, regional groups and private equity groups, Ignite offers an alternative franchise model that allows independent owners to retain control. When optometry practices convert to Pearle Vision EyeCare Centers, they remain independent but reap the benefits of Pearle Vision’s back-end processes and structure, supply chain and ongoing marketing support.

The Ignite model provides unique benefits that can strengthen local optical businesses and help them grow. Licensed owners can:

  • Spend more time with patients as Pearle Vision delivers business coaching for supply chain programs, billing and insurance claim processing.
  • Pay royalties only on incremental sales of eyewear after the conversion.
  • Retain professional fees collected, such as eye exam revenue, with no royalties assessed.
  • Obtain access to popular, fashionable eyewear brands for patients through the Pearle Vision supply chain.
  • Take advantage of competitive prices for eyewear and top-quality exam equipment.
  • Gain greater visibility in their market by affiliating with the Pearle Vision brand name. Pearle Vision has more than 80 percent brand name recognition and is the No. 1-rated optical brand in doctor quality perception.1

Marketing is one of those business needs that’s not as easy as it looks. Reaching the right people with the right message takes expertise. Along with brand recognition, Pearle Vision delivers ongoing national marketing and franchise support to help attract patients to your location. Our business plan is scalable, and some independent licensed owners choose to operate multiple EyeCare Centers.

We get it. You want to focus on your patients. And through Pearle Vision’s conversion program, Ignite, we can quickly deliver the benefits of franchising to you. You maintain the operations, and we will provide infrastructure you can trust and rely on.

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1 According to a Millward Brown December 2017 Optical Retail Tracker. 


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