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Franchisee Spotlight: A Pearle Vision Success Story

Pearle vision storefront

Over the years, there have been countless Pearle Vision success stories. But we know that each and every one counts. So, we wanted to highlight one of those recent success stories here with you this month.

This is the story of Carmine Mazzarella. His franchisee testimonial hits on the franchise ownership opportunities with Pearle Vision and what it’s like being a franchise owner with multiple stores.

His Background
“My name is Carmine Mazzarella and I franchised my first location in 1993 at the age of 23. I was the youngest person to purchase a Pearle Vision franchise, at that time. The location was an existing corporately operated Pearle Vision in Saugus, MA. After two years operating the location, I remodeled the entire location and reduced the square footage from 7,000 square feet to 4,500 square feet. In 2001 I opened a second location in Middleton, MA. The business was a new startup in a newly constructed plaza. In 2005 Middleton was closed due to lackluster sales while Saugus continued to grow in volume. In 2020 I converted a private optical practice to a Pearle Vision. I was not required to remodel but decided to update the location to the newest Pearle Vision look. The new Burlington location is growing every week and the outlook is great!”

His Experience With Pearle Vision
“Being part of a system and having a partner like Pearle Vision has made my success easier and more attainable. From marketing to products to consistent customer service, having the Pearle Vision logo in the window inspires confidence to our customers and patients. Personally, the brand gives me the confidence when someone walks into my locations, I know they will leave with quality eyewear delivered with exceptional service.”

Why He Chose Pearle Vision
“I met Dr. Stanley Pearle, the founder of Pearle Vision, during a training week in Dallas, TX in the late 1980s. We had lunch every day that week and created a bond that lasted until his death. He was an inspiration to me in business and in life. He once said to me “don’t worry about the money, treat your customers and patients with care and the money will come.” I have expanded this philosophy to my entire life. I try to treat everyone I meet with care and always do my best to be a good human. I have loved dedicating my life to optics and to my partnership with Pearle Vision. The Pearle Vision franchisees and corporate staff I have met through my 30 plus years with the company are very special to me.”

Why He Decided To Expand With Pearle Vision
“Making the decision to expand to multiple Pearle Vision locations was an easy one to make. The Pearle Vison development team was great. They partnered with me to review my strategy and thoroughly reviewed my location choice to ensure it had the best chance of success.”

What He Thinks Makes Pearle Vision Unique To Other Franchises
“As soon as we put up the sign, the customers starting coming in. I am always impressed when a client walks in and tells us how happy they are that a Pearle Vision is in their neighborhood. Pearle Vision has a strong reputation for quality trusted eye care.”

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