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Fortune Business Insights Projects Growth for Vision Care

woman in clothing store wearing leather jacket and glasses

Vision care is on the rise and Pearle Vision is ready to grow with it. Fortune Business Insights recently released their latest projections for the global vision care market where they expect the market size to increase by almost $70 billion by 2026. This is good news for glasses. 

The report cites an increase in eyewear as a fashion accessory and the rise in ocular diseases as two of the main drivers of this growth. Across the board, designer looks are becoming more desirable, especially in North American markets. When it comes to ocular diseases, vision correction isn’t the only driver. Yes, as healthcare becomes more accessible, more people are expected to need corrective lenses, but prevention is playing a role as well. As the dangers of UVA and UVB ray awareness grows, sunglasses sales are projected to increase among eyecare products as preventative care. As awareness of eye-related health risks grows, the eyewear industry is also expanding to meet the demand.

While the rise does include more glasses being purchased in developing nations, it still projects North America to hold the highest market share in the vision care market. New product launches of intraocular lenses are projected to drive the adoption of vision care products, but no matter the trends, eyewear is still expected to continue leading the way. You can read the whole report from Fortune Business Insights here.


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