Optometrist career - How much can Pearle Vision owners make?
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How much can an optometrist make?

A historic look at Pearle Vision revenues

If you are looking for a way to boost your optometrist career, our Franchise Executive Summary contains the charts that outline the financial performance of Pearle Vision EyeCare Centers owned by optometrists. This data comes from Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Pearle Vision Licensed Owners have seen consistent average revenue growth. Ultimately, earnings are determined by the skills of the Licensed Owner, by choosing the best location, by marketing, by providing outstanding service and by controlling costs. Pearle Vision assists Licensed Owners with each of these facets of the business.

As you examine these charts, keep in mind that Pearle Vision does not charge royalties on the exam side of the business. Royalties are only paid on the revenue generated by retail operations.

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A graphic with an image of a doctor watching as a woman places a contact lens in her eye. The text reads "$1.173 million | Average total revenue for optometrist-owned Pearle Vision Centers in 2017. $271,000 came from exams; $902,000 came from retail store sales. | Source: Pearle Vision 2018 FDD."