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History of Pearle Vision & Franchising

Pearle Vision’s Story

Dr. Stanley Pearle transformed vision care

pearle vision franchise dr stanley pearle
Dr. Stanley Pearle

In 1961, Dr. Stanley Pearle transformed the eye care industry. When he opened the first Pearle Optical in Savannah, Georgia, he created a comprehensive eye care destination by bringing optometrists and opticians together, providing patients the convenience of stopping in for a comprehensive eye exam and then consulting with an optician to select frames and lenses.

Almost immediately, patients flocked to Pearle Optical, not only because it was convenient but also because Pearle had style. Dr. Stanley Pearle made it his mission to stock a wide assortment of fashionable frames.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, he opened hundreds of Pearle Vision® EyeCare Centers throughout the United States. His commitment to both comprehensive eye care and fashionable eyewear resonated with customers who wanted to see better and look better. The tagline “Nobody cares for eyes more than Pearle” became an iconic slogan that still rings true today.

Franchising background

Josh Robinson, VP of Licensing and Development
Josh Robinson,
Pearle Vision Vice President of Franchise Development

In 1981, Pearle Vision began offering franchises to optometrists, opticians and investors who were interested in using Pearle’s business model, brand and marketing muscle to build their own businesses. Today, the Pearle Vision franchise continues to grow by helping professionals profitably deliver quality eye care.

“We look to augment the business potential for dedicated professionals by providing them with turnkey systems, turnkey support, turnkey operations and marketing overlays that allow them to focus on one thing: practicing genuine eye care,” says Pearle Vision Vice President of Franchise Development Josh Robinson. “We’re going to help you handle the rest by providing that support system to allow you to go from an emerging practice to a flawless practice to a growing practice.”

Moving into the future

To help grow the Pearle Vision brand and drive results for all of our licensed owners, we are focused on delivering quality care, improving the topline and bottom-line performance of EyeCare Centers, and improving operations to boost customer satisfaction. It is our goal to ensure that licensed owners are able to provide patients with the care of a private practice and the support and power of a world-class brand.

Pearle Vision focuses on providing an outstanding experience for patients through eye exams centered on preventive and corrective care and then offering patients a wide array of fashionable frames and lenses.

We will continue to grow our niche as a premium eye care provider that customers trust to deliver genuine eye care.