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Pearle Vision® Featured in Media Coverage of COVID-19’s Effects on the Optical Industry

Pearle Vision has been featured in several media outlets recently, with a focus on changes the brand made to help current licensed owners during COVID-19, and how the independent doctors at or next to Pearle Vision adapted to care for patients throughout the pandemic.

Coverage included:

in the June-July issue tells the stories of five retail franchises and what they have done to survive during the pandemic and shutdown period. Some, like Pearle Vision, were essential businesses that continued to operate, although in very different ways, and others were shops that were forced to close and scrambled to move operations online. All of the franchises discuss what they did to adapt to a rapidly changing retail landscape and what effect those changes likely will have on their businesses moving forward.

  • BC Doctors of Optometry’s Eye Digest’s May issue is devoted to COVID-19 and resulting changes in optometric care. One article, “Patients Grateful to Eye Doctors Providing Essential Care During COVID-19 Crisis” shares notes of thanks that Pearle Vision doctors and their teams have received from patients who needed urgent or critical vision care during the crisis. The stories demonstrate why vision care was deemed essential – and how much patients appreciate those on the front lines who continue to provide high-quality vision care for their patients.
  • The popular Franchise Interviews podcast interviews Pearle Vision General Manager Alex Wilkes in an episode titled, “Franchise Interviews Meets with the Pearle Vision Franchise Opportunity.” During a wide-ranging interview, Wilkes discusses how Pearle Vision was founded by a doctor and how his patients-first mindset remains at the core of the brand. He also talks about how Pearle Vision uses technology, including a contact lens e-commerce platform that was brought online in a matter of days during the pandemic so that licensed owners could continue to refill lens prescriptions for patients who could not visit their local EyeCare Center.


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