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How our Licensed Owners Help Change Lives Around the World with OneSight

By partnering with OneSight, Pearle Vision’s commitment to genuine eye care goes beyond your store’s walls to people in need around the world.

Pearle Vision®’s founder, Dr. Stanley Pearle, famously said, “Take care of the people.” That’s exactly what our Licensed Owners and their employees do every day. At Pearle Vision, we are committed to not only caring for the patients that walk through the doors of our EyeCare Centers, but also those people in communities around the world who need help.

That’s why we often participate in events coordinated by one of the leading global vision care nonprofits, OneSight, to help bring vision care to underserved communities around the world. Luxottica, Pearle Vision’s parent company, is the founding sponsor of OneSight and involvement in the organization extends throughout the culture of the entire company. Because of that commitment, OneSight has provided vision care and glasses to more than nine million people in need around the world, since 1988.

Each year, Pearle Vision employees and Licensed Owners volunteer their time and donate thousands of dollars to OneSight to further the effort to help the world see.

A OneSight volunteer assists a young child with a bow in her hair during an eye exam. Text on the image reads “Access to Vision Care Unlocks Potential #HelpTheWorldSee.”

Vision care makes a big impact

One in seven people in the world do not have access to eye exams or glasses, according to OneSight has been working for nearly 30 years to help close that gap with a combination of immediate care and sustainable, long-term solutions. Optometrists, opticians and support staff work with local staff and volunteers to set up clinics, which typically last one to two weeks and involve performing eye exams and providing glasses for thousands of people.

“OneSight is a huge part of Luxottica and Pearle Vision,” says licensed optician Gary Tonsager, a longtime Licensed Owner with two Pearle Visions in Minnesota. In addition to events in his own market, he’s been on three international clinics with OneSight, and his experiences inspired him to continue working with youth in the West African nation of Benin. “We have a field team that goes ahead of us to organize the events, sign people up for exams and glasses and sunglasses. They make connections with local doctors to be able to get services, in case something like surgery is needed. We would bring eyewear, and we also had lab equipment on-site in case we needed to make any custom prescriptions.”

OneSight’s mission fits perfectly with our culture at Pearle Vision, as striving to provide the highest-quality patient care is part of what makes our eye care franchise opportunity so rewarding to our Licensed Owners.

A young batter in a black helmet and yellow baseball uniform stands with his bat, ready for an incoming pitch, on a baseball field in Benin as onlookers and teammates watch.

OneSight’s impact goes even beyond eye care; optician and Licensed Owner Gary Tonsager formed a charity with local volunteers he met through OneSight that brought youth baseball leagues to the West African country of Benin. Photo courtesy Baseball in Benin.

Sustainable vision care access

Eye care is a crucial component of health care, but not everybody has sufficient access to it. OneSight and dedicated volunteers like Tonsager aim to change that, and their efforts can bring meaningful changes to lives around the world.

“It really is interesting. You get to meet so many people, and where you go, they don’t have the care that we have here,” he says. “In Chile, there was one gentleman who couldn’t see three inches beyond the end of his nose, and he had been like that most of his life. He put the glasses on and he could truly see for the first time in his life, and he was over 50 years old.”

In addition to the immediate help provided during the clinics, OneSight sets up community-based vision centers to provide long-term care. This initiative has established permanent vision centers in Gambia and Rwanda, as well as school-based clinics in the United States. That commitment creates sustainable access to vision care that has positive, long-lasting effects on those patients and communities, as well as on the eye care charity volunteers themselves.

“You go on a OneSight clinic and it could be one week or two, or you could be on it for the rest of your life,” says Tonsager. “That’s what I’m doing.”

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