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What are the startup costs?

Chart shows breakdown of costs to start Pearle Vision franchise

To qualify to become a Pearle Vision licensed operator, you need $100,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of $300,000. If you meet that threshold and have a good credit rating, our recruiting team can help you identify options for financing the business. The total startup costs for a new Pearle Vision EyeCare Center range from $410,199 to $622,400 for a new Eye Care Center, with inventory and working capital making up $120,000 to $180,000 of that cost.

View a full overview of the startup costs for a Pearle Vision Eye Care CenterAs you can see in the chart below, most of the expense comes from the cost of leasing space, construction, signs and fixtures, and purchasing inventory and equipment. The Pearle Vision franchise fee accounts for just $30,000 of the initial startup costs, and helps cover the training and support you will receive as you work to select a promising retail location and prepare to open your business.

In the chart below, you will also see $80,000 reserved as “additional funds.” These are dollars we recommend new licensed operators set aside as operating capital. It’s not money you pay us or a vendor. It’s money that is budgeted to cover early business expenses as revenue begins to build for your new business.

Here’s a full overview of the startup costs for a Pearle Vision Eye Care Center, taken from our 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document. To learn more about any of these costs, fill out the form at right to get in touch with our franchise recruitment team. We are happy to answer your questions.

Estimated Pearle Vision Startup Costs

Initial Franchise Fees New Licensed Operator$30,000$30,000Upon signing License Agreement
Initial Franchise Fees Existing Licensed Operator$20,000$20,000Upon
signing License Agreement
Real Estate$20,639$28,868As billed
Construction$123,121$183,408As billed
A&E Fees$0$15,500As billed
Equipment$12,892$17,515As billed
Signage, Fixtures,
Furniture and Décor
$79,252$100,754As billed
or upon signing the License Agreement
Inventory$45,500$106,600As billed
or upon signing the License Agreement
Point of Sale and
Computer System
$11,395$25,755As billed
Grand Opening
$5,000$15,000As billed
Training Expenses$0$1,500Prior to
Security Deposits$1,300$15,000As billed
Insurance$1,100$2,500As billed
Additional Funds$80,000$80,000As needed
Totals for new full service EyeCare Center
New Licensed Operator$410,199$622,400