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How much can I make if I employ an optometrist?

A historic look at Pearle Vision revenues

Pearle Vision EyeCare Centers have seen consistent revenue growth. Ultimately, earnings are determined by the skills of the Licensed Operator, by choosing the best location, by marketing, by providing outstanding service, and by controlling costs. Pearle Vision assists Licensed Operators with each of these facets of the business.

In the tables below, we provide a look at the revenue generated by EyeCare centers owned by an optician or investor who employs an optometrist. This data is included in Item 19 of our 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document.

As you examine these charts, keep in mind that Pearle Vision does not charge royalties on the exam side of the business. Royalties are only paid on the revenue generated by retail operations.

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$1.2 million - Average revenue generated in 2015 by Pearle Vision Centers where optometrists were employed by a licensed operator. $965,000 was generated, on average, through retail sales.

Eye care centers owned by opticians or investors who employed optometrists

Store economics – FY 2015

 1st quartileAverage
$000% of revenue$000% of revenue
Net Retail1,70679%96579%
Net Exam45621%25221%
Net Total Revenue2,161100%1,218100%
Gross Margin1,57673%87172%
Disp. Margin (% of Retail Rev)66%
Other Expense21513%12710%
Royalty & Adv25515%14412%
OP Income20810%786%
*Officer Comp934%524%
Owner Income30114%13011%

Year-over-year growth

  1st quartile
$000$000% increase$000% increase
Net Total Revenue203220772%21614%
Owner Income22226519%30114%
$000$000% increase$000% increase
Net Total Revenue113211572%12185%
Owner Income9112436%1305%

“First Quartile” means the highest 25% of respondents in a given metric